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Since its establishment in 1973, E HSIN PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD has been dedicated to the manufacture of PVC pipes and parts like (1) plastic molds for highway guardrail posts, (2) utility piping in buildings, (3) piping for fungi, fruits, vegetables and other produce, and various shape PVC pipes of special specifications. Our pipes for wires are provided for use underground by Taiwan’s firms and are classified as CNS mark labeled good product.
Characteristics and applications of E HSIN PLASTIC’s PVC pipes
Impact-resistant plastic pipes
Feature highly vibration resistant, highly impact resistant, and high bonding strength.
Use: city mains, electric work, telecom work, sewer, etc.
Heat resistant plastic pipes
Feature highly heat resistant, corrosion resistant, outstanding chemical durability, excellent thermal ability and scale-free property which does not affect water quality.
Use: suitable for conveying and heated wastewater draining in buildings of all kinds, plants, chemical plants, and as piping for hot spring water, fire fighting, hot water circulation in air conditioning system.
Low-noise plastic pipes
Feature light weight, acid/alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, low fluidic resistance, scale-free property, reduction of draining noise, electrical insulation, etc.
Use: for sewer, drain and vent pipes in buildings, sewer engineering, draining of factory wastewater, duct for telecom cable, etc.
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